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Everything about our company has been thought up from our own minds. In an industry so saturated with people who are interested in making a quick dollar by learning technique off Youtube then attempting to teach them without credentials, our company has succeeded through creativity and true talent. Each aspect of our company represents the utmost in quality, professionalism & elitist talent. At The Extensionist Group, we specialize in VOGUEPEARL, a technique created and perfected by our owner and your personal mentor - Megan Lund. Additionally, you'll never find stock photos used to represent our company. We use our own work to showcase our talents. We like to think of ourselves as Extension Elitists, providing only the most unique, well designed, creative talents for our students to learn. Megan founded The Extensionist Academy to help elevate the extension industry as a whole - her once “top secret” techniques that have made her so successful in the extension industry are now available for you to learn and master so you can join in the success that great Extension Artistry brings!






  • You will have learned a unique, healthy, results driven technique from the creator herself - that you won't learn anywhere else! Micro beads and wefts have been used in many ways, but our personally developed hand technique & processes guarantee the utmost in professionalism and success by way of eliminating damage. 

  • Your online training is like nothing delivered in this industry. We are not offering you a vimeo or youtube video to watch, or teaching you by Skype. Oh no We took things one step further, and created a Learning Management System, where you have access to your very own student portal, which helps you finish the modules available, whilst tracking your steps, so that we can help you better come test time. Consider this an online university.

  • Your certification is appostiled via the International Accreditation Organization, and far surpasses industry standards.

  • You will receive the most comprehensive foundational training based on the structure of hair, anatomy, trichology, sanitization, manufacturing, business, budgeting, marketing, customer service, and The Extensionist Checklist.

  • You will learn proper Consultation,Hair Preparation, Technique Application, Maintenance, Follow Up & Blending guidelines - more than you will learn from any other extension academy on our market. Guaranteed!

  • Your VOGUEPEARL Program includes 2 certifications in one! One for proper technique practices, and one for blending! No other extension academy teaches blending due to being ill-trained and experienced in a stylist industry. We are stylists, and we train stylists.

  • We understand the desire to learn more than one technique, to offer more value for your clients. As VOGUEPEARL is suitable for all hair types, it is likely that you will fall in love with our technique - and so will your clients. However, we welcome anyone with any training background and level of expertise. Unlock your potential at The Extensionist Academy!




When your training is thorough, advanced, and taught by industry leaders who are committed to seeing you succeed, the sky is the limit for your business and your revenue. Top training, proper installation, professionalism & customer service validates top-dollar pricing for your extension business. Become the most sought after, highly regarded VOGUEPEARL artist in your area, and realize your full potential.






Our VOGUEPEARL & Hair Cutting programs are avalable to anyone who has:


  • Graduated hair school

  • Is a registered apprentice in their region

  • Is a licensed stylist in their region


You might be wondering, why do we offer VOGUEPEARL™ training in person to non-stylists, but only to stylists via our online training?

The reason is simply because offering personal training offers the ability to really tackle any newbie questions that a person may have when they don’t even know the basics of lets say… sectioning, or holding shears properly. However, someone with formal education doesn’t need to be taught those things which makes online training easier to understand for individuals who already know the basics.

If you feel you would be capable, feel free to submit a registration form and state your claim. We are looking for people who will do well with our brand and will not struggle with training of this calibre.





Successful completion of our VOGUEPEARL PRO & VOGUEPEARL FOR HAIR LOSS Programs are unique in the fact that they reward you will not only two seperate certifications, but a well rounded training, designed specifically regarding hair addition services. Our programs are much more than just learning the VOGUEPEARL application! Upon certification, you should have the following knowledge  and skills:

  • Proper grasp on structure of hair, hair types, anatomy, trichology, hair loss, natural remedies, sanitization in the workplace, sourcing origins, manufacturing studies, terminology, business of extensions & salon, marketing, advertising, budgeting, business analyses and management, & growth.

  • Proper Consultation procedures

  • Hair Preparation Prcedures

  • VOGUEPEARL Application Procedures

  • Client Maintenance Guidelines and Demonstrations procedure

  • Visual Cutting Concepts Theory & Practise

  • Follow-Up