Breakfast Television: PT 1 Hair Loss Transformation

Megan Ledarney, the founder and owner of The Extensionist Consultancy Inc. Studios has long suffered from a condition known as Trichotillomania, which prompted her passion for hair extension and hair replacement services. Here, she explains what trich is, and how hair replacement can be seen as an actual treatment for those who may be suffering in silence.

Breakfast Television: PT2 Hair Loss Transformation

Young Cassandra hasn't seen herself with long, full hair, in 3 years. So many women suffer from the condition in silence, though the condition is astonishingly common in todays day and age! Megan seeks to spread awareness about hair trauma, and offers a helping hand.


It's getting cold again! 
Here, Megan Ledarney, owner of The Extensionist and Hair Extension mogul  talks about how to keep your hair moisturized in the cold winter months


Beautiful and brave Sheri shares her story of hair loss, and allows a peek into how The Extensionist Consultancy Inc. is helping her, and others with all hair types and trauma's, by utlizing our VOGUEPEARL for Hair Loss technique.

Grab a kleenex, what a powerful transformation!


Videography - Chris Bernard Photography

Production - Megan Ledarney

Colour Artist - Pamela Adam

Hair Replacement Artist - Leslie Boss

Client - Sheri Leteourneau

Makeup - Calvin AlexandreClosure compliments of the Megan Ledarney Hair Replacement Foundation


This breathtaking video showcases the essence of our companies vision - to help captivate your soul & inspire your inner beauty!​

Presenting - your dream transformation at The Extensionist Consultancy Inc., featuring our personally developed, non-damaging, long-lasting hair extension installation technique - VOGUEPEARL™


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2016 Alberta Business Awards Finalist

We are so excited to announce that The Extensionist Group and Megan Ledarney have been short listed under 2 categories for the 2016 Alberta Business Awards of Distinction:

-Woman Entrepreneurs of Distinction

-Young Entrepreneurs of Distincion 


Front Cover "Women Of Achievement"

Owner Megan Ledarney is featured on the front cover of FineLifestyles Magazine and recognized as a 'Women of Achievment' for her contributions to her 3 businesses here in YEG. Click photo to read issue!     

Expert Advice Column: History & Hair Extension Damage

As part of her expert advice column series, Megan Ledarney explains the history of popular hair extension into our Western market, and the damage that has been caused due to improperly suited hair extensions for specific hair types. Click photo to view article!        

Expert Advice Column: The Psychology of Female Hair Loss

As part of her expert advice column series, Megan Ledarney explains the psychology behind female hair loss, including the causes & effects of a not-so-talked about phenomenon.

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