By submitting The Extensionist Academy training course application form, you {“applicant” or “customer”} agree to the following terms and conditions for any Extensionist Academy Training Course provided by The Extensionist Academy. “Applicant” or “customer” is hereafter referred to as the “Parties” or independently as a “Party”. The Extensionist Academy training will be referred to as EA INC. This is a legally binding contract between the party and company. By completing payment and receiving training, you are herby agreeing to EA INC. terms and conditions.




All training courses are provided by The Extensionist Academy whether in person or online. In these Terms and Conditions The Extensionist Academy is referred to as “EA INC.”, “we” or “us”.


EA INC is unable to reserve a spot for any student or group on a training course until either deposit or payment of the course in full has been received. EA INC will then confirm reservation of parties spot. Deposit and class prices are subject to change.


By signing up and paying deposit you are acknowledging that you have read, understand and agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of EA Inc.



EA INC. reserves the right to decline within discretion any applicant for enrolment within any training course.


All EA INC courses are delivered in English. It is the responsibility of the student to understand English to the level necessary to undertake a training course.



All information is regarding the course is correct at the time of publication.


EA INC. reserves the right to make any changed to the program (including, but not limited to, course content, instructors, venues, dates and times) for any reason at any time. EA INC. will provide as much advance notice as possible to any changes being made.



EA INC. shall not be obligated to provide training to parties unless EA Inc. has received payment in full from party of all outstanding applicable fees and charges for training no less than five business days from the date of the invoice or on the first day of the first scheduled date of the course, whichever is earlier, and after party has received confirmation from EA INC.


Extensionist Academy is a division of The Extensionist Consultancy Inc. It is illegal to infringe on copyright material founded by our business for your business. Parties are not permitted to position their business using the same strategies as The Extensionist Consultancy Inc. (including, but not limited to, maintenance guides, consultation sheets, waiver forms, website design and layout, package name, marketing material etc.). Failure to abide by these terms will result in legal action for potential loss of profits, and also creative intellectual infringement.


Parties agree to withstand from marketing against EA INC.



Parties will withstand from using EA INC’s name to promote their business in entity, other then showcasing your training was provided by us.


It is mandatory that parties state training was received via EA INC, whether it be on parties website or social media platforms. Additionally, it is mandatory that parties showcase their certification for party’s clients to see.



Payment for courses obtained through EA INC can be made via email money transfer, PayPal, cash, debit or credit card.


Travel/food/hotel accommodation fees are not incorporated or covered in/by EA INC.


EA INC. cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss, or expense occurred by parties as a result of an event or circumstance whether arising from natural cause, human agency or otherwise beyond our control.





Deposits and course fees are non – refundable


Parties can exchange deposit/course tuition for another program only.


In the event of any fraudulent activity (such as a card chargeback) EA INC will automatically take the account to collections to recoup the full cost of the program.


EA INC. will only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange an item, send us an email at Info@ExtensionistAcademy.com and mail the item to: 2-9028 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton Alberta, Canada, T5h 3K2. This damages or defects must be brought to EA INC.’s attention within 7 business days of party receiving them.


In the rare situation that EA INC needs to cancel or change the date of a course, we will provide the parties with as much notice as possible with an alternative course date. 


By paying the deposit and/or course fee in full thus securing your place in the course, you are committing to the course in its full duration, and are, as such, liable to pay the full course fees.


For any reason the party decided not to finish the class, they are still liable for full fees. And there will not be a refund given.


All courses and fees are subject to change without prior notice from EA INC. EA INC. reserves the right to cancel a class where there are not enough parties in attendance for the course for it to be viable to conduct the course.


All courses are offered in Canadian dollars only. This is subject to change without notification at anytime.





Trainee will be required to supply their own models as required in the course details. Failure to provide model for hands

On training could result in unsuccessful completion of the course. Models hair must be clean and free from any other hair extensions and no shorter then shoulder blade length. The day(s) consist of theory, practice installation or blending techniques on training head and completion of model installation before graduation.


Details of required tools to complete the course to be provided by EA INC.

Parties will be held liable to compensate EA INC. if they are found responsible of any loss or damage to EA INC. tools or property.

All equipment provided to the party whether it is EA INC. property or personal material of the party will remain the responsibility of the party and should not be left unattended at any time. EA INC. will not be held responsible for any damaged or lost equipment, personal property or valuables.

Any photo’s/video taken during the duration of the course are property of EA INC. We reserve the right to use these for promotional, management, or educative purposes. Parties’ consent for this will be assumed to have been granted unless otherwise indicated by the party, in writing, or by email, prior to the start of the training.On completion of training the trainee will be required to sign a training completion agreement and a Certificate of Completion will ne awarded. This is a private certificate awarded by EA INC. Training Services Division of The Extensionist Consultancy Inc. Certification is appostiled via IAO.





  1. Students must abide with all Health and Safety Polices and rules/regulations of EA INC. that are notified to them. Instances where a party is disruptive to other parties, breached any guidelines EA INC. reserves the right to require the party to leave the premises, and/or dismiss them from the course. If party is asked to leave for the above reason there will be no refund on the course.

  2. Parties who fail to show for the course without a justifiable cause or obtain consent for lateness or absenteeism may be required to leave the course. If this is the decision of EA INC. it will remain final. Parties who are asked to leave the training for the reasons set out in this clause will not be entitled to a refund. They will be allowed to sign up for another class date but will be required to pay the cost of the course again.

  3. SHIPPING (ONLINE ACADEMY ONLY): Academy kits are shipped within 2-3 days after purchase, and depending on your region, can take up to 10days to arrive at your location. We use the following carriers: Purolator/UPS/CANADA POST. It is your responsibility to compare the contents of your delivery to the packing slip enclosed.

  4. Any issues with mastering the technique must be addressed by party/parties during the training session to their instructor.  If you are unhappy with the outcome or if the complaint relates to your instructor and you do not feel comfortable making the complaint direct to them then complaints should be raised with The Extensionist Consultancy Inc. Operations Director. They can be reached via email: keith@theextensionist.ca or by phone (587) 520. 4763. If you are unhappy with The Operations Directors decision then an appeal can be made to CEO/Owner Megan Ledarney (email provided upon request to Academy Advisor) whose decision shall be final and binding.

  5. EA INC. will not deal with complaints made after the course has been completed therefore you should raise them as swiftly as possible to the right person once they have risen.

  6. To the fullest extent permitted by law the party/parties will indemnify EA INC. and the trainer against all damages, losses, expenses, liabilities, costs, claims, actions, demand and proceeding arising out of the use of any natural human hair, synthetic hair, hair conditioning products, hair extension equipment or any other tools or product used by the party/parties during or after training that has been supplied by EA Inc.

  7. By accepting these terms and conditions you warrant that for purpose of the course you are 18years old or over. It is EA INCs policy that students under the age of 18 will not be accepted into the course.

  8. Where you ask EA INC. to provide extra copies of your certification for any reason including you having lost the original provided to you there will be an administrative charge of $20.00 plus shipping costs.





  1. EA INC. training modules remain the property of EA INC. and cannot be copied or distributed to any other person other then the trainee authorized to receive it due to payment for the course. No copies can be made without our expressed written permission. No trainee is authorized to use any part of EA IN. training manuals to offer training to other parties.

  2. Parties agree to keep confidential during and after the training any information and/or material, which is divulged by other students on the course as a result of class discussions or other discussions, held during training (written or oral). All class discussions are private and confidential.

  3. You agree to not make any audio or visual recordings of the training, the work of the instructor or your fellow classmates while attending the course.

  4. ONLINE ACADEMY: if you have purchased this course for training at home it is to be viewed by the person taking the course and nobody else. If it is discovered you are sharing the course without out reimbursement or written consent by/to EA INC. legal action will be taken for loss of revenue and profit.




  1. It is the policy of EA INC. that in the case of any parties attending its courses who are employed or sponsored by other salons/competitors that EA INC. will not solicit that party for the purpose of employment with EA INC. or its associated entities while that party is participating or attending a course.

  2. All parties are to reframe from recruiting/soliciting employment to EA INC. staff while attending the course. Failure to abide by this will result in dismissal from the course with no refund.

  3. The terms and conditions do not constitute any legally binding contract to supply employment to the party/parties once training has been supplied.

  4. EA INC. is an independent training and hair extensions business.  We do not employ any trainee or consultants once they have trained directly or indirectly. You will operate under your own self employment status and take full responsibility for the marketing and advertising of your services, identifying your own clients, setting your own fees, book keeping, stock and customer care outside of EA INC.

  5. It is the responsibility of the student if they are an international student to ensure that they have all the necessary visa or authorization, which is required of them to be able to undertake the course.




These terms and conditions are government by the National and Provincial laws as governed by Canada.




By commiting to training by way of payment, you hereby acknowledge that you are bound by these Terms and Conditions provided to you by EA INC.