Upon date of graduation, you'll have access to the Extensionist Professional Dealer Site, which allows you to seamlessly order all hair, tools, and hair care online!

From premium quality, to market quality, you'll have the ability to suit all of your clients needs when choosing the VOGUEPEARL™ technique, which uses wefted hair pre-tipping. 

Premium Quality Line​

1+ yr Wear Duration

Up to 2 full VP™ Install Ability

Collected by only virgin, lighter base-tone sourcing regions, coupled with our exclusive organic slow-processing curation, our DIAMOND.SERIES hair line delivers premium quality hair that can be worn for 1+ years of full-time use, or generally two full VOGUEPEARL™ installations. You will notice that the price ranges reflect the hairs ability to stay tangle-free, shiny, and wearable for more than double the PINK.SERIES hair line.

Sold in 50gram packages, this allows our stylists to easily order 3-4 different colours for their installs if required.

Price Points per 50gram Pack


100.00 - 130.00 CAD


125.00 - 170.00 CAD

"Market" Quality Line​

Up to 5 month wear duration

1 VP™ Install Availability

Our PINK.SERIES hair line provides industry standard quality hair to meet every budget. This hair is generally sourced from India, and IS bleached to achieve lighter tonalities. Indian hair has a strenuous time processing to higher levels as the hair more fragile. Thus, especially in lighter tones, you can excpect our PINK.SERIES hair to last you one full VOGUEPEARL™ installation, up to 5 months of full-time wear duration. Perfect for women on a budget & women who enjoy changing their hair colours more often, or enjoying fresh hair more often!

Price Points per 50gram Pack


60.00 - 75.00 CAD


75.00 - 90.00 CAD


If graduating the VOGUEPEARL™ for hair loss program, you'll then have access to hair replacement closures to suit your client's needs. All closures are considered the "Diamond Series" quality, and can last up to 1+ years of full-time wear. 

Full-Time Wear Closures

Made of swiss-lace, our full-time closures replace the hair at the TOP of the head, and give your clients thicker part-lines, as well as fringe and crown areas. These can be worn up to 1+yrs of full-time use, but will require re-installations every 4 months.

Pricing is on a case-to-case basis, determined by width, density, curl pattern, colour & length.

Made of a french-lace base, you have the option of suiting your client to a clip-on top closure, should the prefer something they can put on, and take off, at their leisure. All clip-on top closures are 8x8 diameter, and 14'' length.

Pricing Available only to graduates. Please email info@extensionistacademy to inquire.