Professionals and extension enthusiasts alike will benefit greatly from becoming educated about the hair extensions they are purchasing, and installing. Please read on for our list: Don't let bad hair extensions happen to you. 1. Hair extensions should NEVER damage your hair. A well-rounded and properly trained professional extensionist always puts precedence on your individual hair type & suitability of chosen method. Your hair type determines which extension methods will be too damaging for your delicate cuticles, and your lifestyle will determine which method you are most suited for. The Extensionist Consultancy has built its business around personally developed methods which use no heat tools, chemicals, or adhesives, as we cater to women who have very delicate hair traumas such as Alopecia or past cancer treatments. Finding the right method for you is the most important aspect, which is why it is number 1 on our list. Look around, get educated! 2. Always see a trained professional. Getting your extensions OR extension training via Kijiji special is (in our experience from repairing Kijiji specials) NOT worth it. You may think you are saving a few dollars, but at what long-term cost? Successful stylists who invest in their career and create amazing transformations know their worth, please remember that! 3. Hair extensions are an investment. If you want hair that can last you 6 months to 1+ years of full-time use, you will know the cost differences compared to hair that lasts you 3-4 months. The hair extension manufacturing industry is very sneaky, as it uses so many interesting words that consumers are both confused and intrigued by. The truth of the matter, is that high quality hair extension manufacturers sell their hair for extremely high costs, as their extensions have been slowly, properly cured and treated. Hence, companies like The Extensionist and other seemingly high-end extension salons, actually charge market value for our services. 4. Every aspect of your experience is equally as important. Does your extensionist listen to your hair dreams? Did they properly suit you to the right installation method for your hair type? Did you receive a proper colour match? Are you sure you can colour your natural hair with your extensions in (this SHOULD be definitely possible with the right methods & techniques) during your colour maintenance? Did your extensionist order enough hair? Do you have guarantees? Is it blended properly? Were you given a home care guide? Were you prescribed extension-friendly products? Were you personally trained to maintain your new extensions using demonstrations? And the most important question of all - Are you prepared for the extra maintenance and care that extensions entail? 5. You need guarantees! Most times it is hard to receive refunds for hair extensions that have been successfully purchased then installed onto your head, due to high costs and long time allotments associated with these services. However, a good manufacturer offers satisfaction guarantees to retailers, which should enable salons to offer satisfaction guarantees as well. It's happened to almost everyone in the extension industry- bad batches of hair extensions. As a retailer, I am still unsure exactly how this tends to happen, but a good manufacturer will apologize and take a loss for their creation. Over all, hair extensions are finally becoming commonplace, and more extension services are being offered and installed. At the end of the day, be sure you are investing in your future and the future of your natural hair's health.

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