Learn the facts! Virgin Hair Historically means human hair that has never been chemically or structurally altered such as steam perming, chemical perming, bleaching, dying or undergone cuticle removal to any degree. It is hair that hasn't been colored or processed in any way and may or may not still be growing from the head. Fact / Today the story goes - Some people are unable to identify when hair is no longer virgin such as when its natural color has been altered. Some suppliers call the hair virgin even after a perm. (Chemical or steam perm). They are mistaken. The regions of the world where hair is exported are mainly China & India. Chinese hair is categorized by being straight, thick in strand diameter, and always black. Due to Chinese hair having a Medulla (the innermost part of the hair shaft), it allows the hair more strength, making it more resilient during processing, and enabling more processing without breakage. Indian Hair is categorized as having straight & wavy curl patterns, thick in strand diameter (as it has a Medulla), and ranges from a level 1 - 5 colour. If you see hair that has a "brazilian" or "peruvian" texture, this is not virgin. It has been colour altered, then permed to achieve this texture. If you see a package of high lift blonde and it says "virgin" on it - just run. This is false advertising. It is not necessarily the stylists fault, or even the retailer! Manufacturers in China are using "fad" words to entice consumers to buy their cheaply manufactured hair. However, it does our industry a huge injustice. Help spread the knowledge about "fad" words, such as "virgin hair". How can you ensure your hair is not lying to you? Use HERR Extensions! HERR Hair is sourced in many regions of the world, including China & India, then exported to Los Angeles in ponytails before it is ever "processed". HERR Hair is never bleached. They use an organic depigmentation liquid that the hair rests in for up to 4 weeks, which slowly lifts the cuticle by 2%, allowing the pigments to slowly and safely leave the cuticle. Thus, it is not "virgin" hair, as the hair has now undergone processing to some degree. However, it is never acid treated, de-cuticlized, or bleached. All information is taken from The Extensionist Academytextbook. All rights reserved. Like our page to stay updated about hair extensions! We are hear to help the hair extension industry! www.ExtensionistAcademy.com

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