This package of "100% Brazilian hair" we picked up at the Bronnerbros Hair show in Atlanta a few weeks back. Interestingly, we bought 30 packages to use for training purposes from Chinese vendors who could barely speak a word of English. They were only in ATL for the hair show, then flew back home.

In Brazil, there are NO hair exports. Brazilians import their hair from China. The term "Brazilian hair" is a marketing ploy, a fad word- false advertising. In this industry, there is so much deceit, and no regulations to govern it. It is up to you to learn the true facts from our accredited programs, so that you can gain knowledge regarding hair extension manufacturing, and learn the truth about your hair. At The Extensionist Academy, we offer our Manufacturing module within our theory booklet. We believe in the importance in spreading truth in our industry, for the better of our industry.


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